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Harvest the Physical and Spiritual Aspects of Fall

The season of autumn is great to rid oneself of physical and spiritual things that have been creating chaos. It is the best time for getting rid of clutter at home, work and even with relationships. When all is organized, you may breathe a little better. Since the lung and large intestines are the organs of Metal, be careful with the foods that you eat and air the you breathe.

The Season of Autumn or Fall is the best time to harvest those physical and spiritual things that you have been trying to manifest. This season is associated with the element of Metal. Metal governs the mind, and all aspects of setting limits, order, organization, communication, and protecting boundaries. It is time to harvest what has been sown.

The Fall season is also known as high times for respiratory disturbances. The protective mechanism is known as Wei Qi helps the immune system fight off pathogenic factors that are caused by a weakened Lung Qi. One of the best ways to build your Lung Qi is through proper nutrition based on seasonal changes. Fall Season calls for Heartier foods like soups, stews and chili's.

In order to harvest the physical and spiritual aspects of Fall, you must learn to live a stress free live. Look for spiritual things that make you feel empowered, uplifted and motivated. Find relaxation in nature, music, and meditations. Subscribe to positive daily affirmations to boost and manifest the spirit of Fall.


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